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Southwark Arts Forum 2014
Selected for the London Shorts Programme.
Atlanta Film Festival 2012
Selected for the BBC America Narrative Shorts programme

Produced by Organised Chaos

Written, Directed, Exec Produced by Rebecca Rycroft

Produced by Rebecca Rycroft & Michael Beddoes

Exec Producer, Fred Barron.​

Comedy Drama - 10 mins, Short Film.

A teenage daughter contacts her absentee father. 

We watch their first meeting in five years, seeing and hearing their every thoughts.

Meeting Strangers is always hard, especially when it's your father. 

(Filmed in Waterloo, London)


Created & Written by Tony Fran

Produced, Directed, Exec Produced by Rebecca Rycroft. 

Wannabe is an original feel good - pick me up & tickle me sideways - comedy. Featuring the raw, fabulous and ugly sides of the LGBTQI community, when running a queer bar in London.

Starring Tony Fran as Fantasy, Kevin Grogan as Veronica Green, Simon Wygryzyn, Abi Mcgloughlin, Stephen Evans, Mel Harrison, and Susan Earl. Guest Starring Vangelis, performing 'Sweet Dreams'.

Keep looking out for the fabulous Fantasy.

 #wannabe #lgbtqi #loveislove

Filmed at Her Upstairs, Camden

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